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Animation editor for keyframed movement of bitmap objects and synchronized sound...
...or flash without vector graphics, sort of.

Another chapter in the series of projects motivated by my brother's artistic endeavors, although in this particular case it was mostly me who had wanted to make something like this for some time and just using him as cause of my final determination to actually get on with it. To this point he hasn't actually used it yet :)

Development took place in February of 2007 and there are some features missing as I never really finished it off but rather just ran out of steam at some point, leaving it in some state of wip-ness. I did spend an hour to fix up some loose ends just now before posting it though, so at least the existing features are relatively useful. Most of what's missing are various things to make life easier, like saving/loading/copying individual object trees or animation snippets and having more flexibility/automation with the image animation system.

Check out the demo videos to get an idea of what you can do with it. All motion is hierarchical, so it should be possible to make rather complex scenes. For example you can easily have a character with separate mouth and eye objects that move to make various facial expressions while staying attached to the head when the character moves.

The included example animation has some music removed to reduce download size.


animape.zip (249 kB)
Application and example project file

gutsman.avi (1.8 MB)
Example project rendered as a video file

megafly.avi (337 kB)
Demo video showing off motion blur

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